“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress,
working together is a success!”

When you hear the word “Union” do you think about “Teamwork?” We bet you don’t. We bet you think about grievances, strikes, picketing, and seniority. You think about all the negative characteristics associated with other unions, and the division those unions cause companies.

Not today and not with the new SMART 33 model of unions. We are here to enhance your team and bring them together with your vision. We support your business, while you run it. SMART 33 supports our partner contractors so the owners can follow the vision of their companies and achieve their own definition of success.

Your vision and purpose in business is to provide quality work for those that live and work in your community. We want to be on your team to support you in reaching your goal. SMART 33 helps you be an industry leader, a place where the best professionals in the industry want to work. If your business model is to be somewhere between a local residential contractor and a nationwide industrial contractor, SMART 33 can help you. Our purpose is to be an indispensable asset to your team.

SMART 33 is the leader in Northern Ohio and West Virginia at providing trained and qualified manpower. We add value to our partner contractors and can be a value added asset to your team as well!

Smart 33 develops teamwork that puts customers first, making your business the best.

  • “De-Cal and SMART 33 have teamed up to perform many diverse projects. SMART 33 has the ability to supply the skilled work force necessary for each job. We look forward to a long term relationship into new markets and keeping current with the future technology. Thank you SMART 33!”

    Timothy Morrison – De -Cal, Inc.
  • “Since 1947 Sperling has had a committed partnership with SMART 33 in the availability of both highly trained individuals in both skills, and safety, when needed, and where needed.”

    Wayne Lemke – Sperling Heating & Ventilating Co., Inc.

Expand their revenue streams

SMART 33 partner contractors have the ability to pursue work in different aspects of the HVAC industry or architectural metal industry, and are not limited to the skills of their current workforce.

Expand their territories

SMART 33 partner contractors can perform work and access trained employees in every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada.

Utilize more efficient work procedures

SMART 33 training centers teach employees the skills necessary to perform work right the first time. This saves time on the front end, and reduces the need for repair work in the future.

Reduce administrative time & costs

SMART 33 representatives negotiate with third parties for health care coverage, retirement benefits, and training costs. Additionally, SMART 33 performs a lot of the HR work associated with hiring a new employee for your company.

Get direct cost savings through our tax-free benefits

Most of the benefits that SMART 33 trained employees’ receive are tax-free benefits. Partner contractors are only paying FICA, Workers Compensation and Unemployment costs on a portion of the wages paid to their employees.

Many other revenue increasing & cost savings benefits

SMART 33 respects that your business is yours, that your employees are your employees, and that your team is your team. We want the opportunity to be a part of your team. We know that teams are built of many individuals having specific roles, skills and responsibilities. SMART 33’s role and responsibility is to provide our teammates with the best manpower, best benefits, and best growth opportunities in the industry. We have a demonstrated commitment to being a valuable team member to all of our current partner contractors, and we will continue to meet our commitments with you and your company.

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