Flexible Workforce — Partnering with SMART 33 gives you the ability to easily expand and contract your workforce. When you need your workforce to expand again, simply call our office and we will get you the employees you need.

New Revenue Streams — Our pool of trained and experienced employees provides you with access to skills in which you are not familiar. This allows you to expand the scope of your bid to include more work such as a metal roofing contractor can also easily expand their bids to include installing ACM panels, metal awnings and gutters without subcontracting. Another example is for a HVAC contractor to also offer service or testing and balancing.

Reduced Overhead — Contractors who have lower overhead costs are more competitive. By partnering with us you can reduce your overhead by only paying employees when you have work for them, streamlining your benefits, minimizing time and expenses related to staffing and minimizing the time you spend on administering benefits.

Direct Cost Savings — Contractors can save between 11% – 18% of their labor costs by partnering with SMART 33 because of the tax advantages of the fringes benefits your employees receive as part of their compensation. Additionally,

New Contract Opportunities — Many construction end-users, developers, and general contractors exclusively use contractors that have a unionized workforce. These construction stakeholders will not even consider using contractors that are non-union. Contractors that are partnered with SMART 33 are able to pursue projects from these stakeholders and continue to pursue projects from other project sources.

Financial Resources/Assistance — SMART 33 is committed to its partner contactors’ success. SMART 33 has financially assisted its partner contractors to purchase equipment, lower crew costs, providing lower bonding rates, and other things that help our partner contractors obtain more work.

Business Development Support — The officers and employees of SMART 33 do not know how to run your business: and we do not want to run your business. SMART 33 is willing to pay for an independent third party to come in and evaluate your company to determine if there are areas of opportunity you are missing.

New Relationship Opportunities — SMART 33 has been working for over 125 years to develop relationships in the communities within the geography we cover. We are happy to put those relationships to work to help our partner contractors develop new relationships with new decision makers.

Geographic Diversity — Contractors that partner with SMART 33 are able to obtain skilled manpower all over Northern Ohio and West Virginia with just a phone call—other SMART locals cover the entire U.S. and Canada. This eliminates the need to travel employees long distances for project opportunities. This provides our partner contractors with the ability to contract anywhere where there is work.

Certified Training — Our training centers have the ability to provide many certifications to employees of our partner contractors. These certifications include,  but are not limited to: AWS, OSHA, Lift, EPA, and NATE. We are working on the ability to certify in Mitsubishi split systems

Drug Free Workforce — Most SMART 33 districts participate in Level III drug programs. Drug use is something that SMART 33 strongly discourages.

Community Partners — The good will SMART 33 receives from partnering with various community groups, extends to our partner contractors. When these groups engage in construction projects, they use our partner contractors for their work.

Premium Healthcare — SMART 33 is able to provide its members, our partner contractors’ employees, with premium healthcare benefits at a price that is normally below the cost available for high-deductible plans on the open market. In many of our districts, these plans are not only available for our members, but also for the owner and office staff of our partner contractors as well.

Retirement/Benefits — Our partner contractors are able to offer their employees the best benefits package in the industry. This helps our contractors because there is never a concern that key employees will leave to obtain better benefits.

Building a Flexible, Skilled Workforce

Current Process Temp Service SMART 33
Can You…
Obtain Labor Without Advertising? ? No Yes
Obtain Labor Without Interviewing? ? Yes Yes
Obtain Labor With Free Background Checks? ? Depends on Company Yes
Obtain Drug-Free Labor? ? Depends on Company Yes
Choose the Employee? Yes No Yes
Get New Employees with Industry Experience? ? Possibly Yes
Get New Employees with Industry Training? ? Possibly Yes
Easily Hire New Employees Based on Skills and Training? ? No Yes
Get New Employees With OSHA Certifications? ? Possibly


Get Access To A Pool of Trained, Experienced Employees? ? No Yes
Easily Obtain More/Different Employees? No No Yes
Get Rid Of Employees When You Don’t Need Them? Yes Yes Yes
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