SMART 33 is today’s union. There are three primary differences that distinguish us from the rest:

  • Contractors that partner with SMART 33 are always in control of the manpower needs of their company!
  • Contractors that partner with SMART 33 can choose the employees they want–there is no set order that we requite contractors to take employees and contractors are able to hire employees who have worked for them in the past.
  • There is no seniority for SMART 33 members. If you ever need to reduce your workforce, you choose the employees that can best help your company succeed.

Our job is to provide your company with the support services it needs, not to obstruct your company’s drive to succeed. We provide our partner contractors the support services necessary to ensure they have the best trained manpower in the industry.


When a company has the 3 Rights to Manpower, its ability to succeed is only limited by the company’s vision and definition of success. SMART 33 knows the key to success in the construction industry is having employees with the right skills, in the right numbers, and at the right time. We call these the “3 Rights to Manpower.” Each enhances your company’s ability to succeed. When one is missing, your ability to achieve the success you desire is limited. In other words, with the 3 Rights to Manpower, your company can be what you want it to be.

  • “SMART 33 skilled workforce is a key component to Avon Lake Sheet Metal’s continued success. Being able to access skilled labor from SMART 33 allows Avon Lake Sheet Metal to meet our customers’ demands, even in a rapidly changing marketplace. As a member of the JATC, I have seen firsthand the partnership that exists between SMART 33 and the contractors, and their strong commitment to providing a highly skilled workforce.”

    Gary Wightman – Avon Lake Sheet Metal Co., Inc.

Right Skills

Having the right skills is essential for efficiency. When your employees have the right set of skills necessary to do the work you perform, the work is completed efficiently. When you need certified welders, you need workers with up to date certifications with immediate availability. When you need a team leader, you need someone with the experience to run your jobs. SMART 33 helps ensure your employees have the skill sets necessary to get the job done efficiently.

Having employees with the right skills also minimizes your need to add labor hours in estimates to account for the wide variety of inefficiencies inherent in using an under-skilled workforce. Getting your jobs done efficiently means the bids you win will come in on time and on budget; if not under time and under budget. When you eliminate unnecessary labor in your estimates, you are more successful in your bidding. You succeed when you have employees with the right skills.

Right Numbers

When you have the right number of employees necessary for a project, the project runs according to the time-line you set for the project. Most projects require a certain number of employees for the job to run efficiently. While having 6 employees at a 4 employee jobsite might get the project done faster, the job is completed less efficiently since there are times when some employees just cannot be actively involved. This can result in a loss of profit on the project. On the other hand, a 4 employee project does not get done on time when you only have 3 employees for the job. This can result in either missing sensitive deadlines or your company having to pay overtime to the employees; either result is bad for your business. When you have the right number of employees, you are able to meet project schedules and estimated labor costs.

There are three different choices contractors usually have when they don’t have the right number of employees:

  • Spreading—Contractors spread their employees too thin so that either multiple projects are slightly under staffed or employees work long hours to keep up with the schedule of all projects. The earlier affects project completion time on all projects—leading to multiple dissatisfied customers—and the latter increases the labor costs on the projects since overtime is required.
  • Bidding Equilibrium—Limiting the number of projects bid to match the contractor’s current manpower capacity. This involves a lot of risks in the construction industry because construction schedules are unpredictable. Contractors often pass on projects because of current manpower shortages, only to later discover that they could have performed the work on it because another project fell through. This limits the revenue and profit potential of a contractor.
  • Subcontracting—Feeding the competition.

Partnering with SMART 33 allows you to have the right number of employees, and can generally avoid each of these three bad choices.

When projects are started and completed on time, it increases your customers’ satisfaction with your company’s performance. Increased customer satisfaction leads to repeat business and referral business, which supports your company’s ability to grow and succeed!

Right Time

Successful businesses operate on the principle of lean operational costs. Decisions are made based on a return on investment. Money is spent as an investment in the future. This principle applies to overhead and material. However, companies in the industry that have not partnered with SMART 33 cannot afford to operate on the same principle when it comes to labor. The ability to succeed depends on access to trained employees when you need them. Do you have the flexibility to make your employment decisions based on your current manpower needs?

How do you manage your labor costs when you have 6 employees and you only have work for 2? Do you pay your employees to clean your shop or vans? Do you overstaff projects? Contractors often pay their employees to perform non-profitable tasks to avoid the risk of losing them. But, it doesn’t have to be this way!

With access to SMART 33’s pool of trained and qualified employees, contractors can make staffing decisions based on their current project requirements. Our partner contractors can afford to reduce or increase their workforce based on their current staffing needs. Having employees at the right time allows you to make decisions to improve your bottom-line!

With access to the more than 3,000 trained employees who are members of SMART 33, you will have access to employees with the right skills, in the right numbers, and at the right time. With the “3 Rights to Manpower”, you have the opportunity to achieve your definition of success while being true to your vision for your company.

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