SMART 33 understands the success of your business is your first priority. We know you have a unique vision for your business and have your own definition of “success.” Our goal is to provide your business with the best support services available so that your business can follow your vision and achieve the success you desire.

SMART 33 knows you are in business to make money. Most business owners enjoy being their own boss and, as an entrepreneur, understand the value of surrounding yourself with those who help you achieve your success. Companies that use SMART trained employees have the right to set and adjust their own staffing levels based on their companies current man-power needs. We have absolutely no intentions on interfering with your right to run your business. In fact, we are here to help your company and routinely put our resources to work in order to provide our partner contractors with opportunities to make more money.

The fundamental question for most contractors is “How can SMART 33 help me be more successful?” There are many great tools SMART has available to help owners. Some of these tools provide you with new revenue streams, others with direct cost savings, but all can be used to help fulfill your vision for your company and to meet your definition of success.

We hope to show you the many ways partnering with SMART 33 can complement your vision and impact the success of your company.

  • “Since we have converted over from a non-union shop to a union shop our revenue has more than doubled. It has been the best decision we made. With the well trained work force we have been able to run more efficiently and profitably. Thanks for helping us make a great decision.”

    Todd Ozanich – Imperial Heating & Cooling, Inc.
  • “VM Systems normally employs 80-100 workers. During our busiest times, we have had over 150 employees. It is very reassuring to know that our manpower needs can be met through our partnership with Local 33.VM Systems started as an HVAC contractor in 1973. Industrial work was added in 1993. Architectural metal, custom fabrication, and TABB have been added over the last eight years. These divisions rely on quality, trained manpower supplied by SMART 33 to meet the requirements of these projects.”

    Kenneth J. Gabel – VM Systems, Inc.
  • “We have proudly been employing members of SMART 33 for over 30 years. SMART 33 has provided us a professional workforce that has completed a 5 year apprentice training program, 30 hour OSHA training, and participate in our drug free workplace program. Having a professional workforce is a requirement for us to maintain our reputation as a professional, successful mechanical contractor.”

    Michael J. Fagert, P.E. – York Mahoning Mechanical Contractors, Inc.


“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.”

Most companies define success by a variety of financial benchmarks and the ability to obtain financial success can come from many different avenues. We get it! Some companies want higher rewards through a more efficient workforce, but don’t want to grow into a larger company—Efficiency Mindset. Other companies want higher rewards, don’t want to grow into a larger company, but want the ability to temporarily increase their workforce if a regular customer has a job that is outside their normal scope of work—Adjustable Mindset. Still others are willing to grow into larger companies to take on more work in order to get higher rewards—Growth Mindset. No matter which mindset fits your definition of success, SMART 33 provides you the freedom to fulfill your vision.

Efficiency Mindset

Growing a company takes a lot of work! It is not for everyone. The good news is that when you partner with SMART 33, there is no need to take on more work to be more successful. We have many partner contractors with fewer than 6 employees, some with only 2. The two most impactful ways your company can be more successful without growing are access to a pool of qualified employees trained and experienced in the market you serve and access to training so that your employees’ skills align with the skills necessary for your company to succeed.

First, and foremost, employees you receive from SMART 33 are more highly trained than the vast majority of employees you might hire off the street. This means that SMART 33 trained employees can show up to your job site and make an immediate impact on your bottom-line. Time is money, and the less time you spend training an employee, the more money your company makes. Having a highly trained workforce results in a lower frequency of call backs or repair work due to failing to use correct procedures the first time. Second, all SMART 33 members have access to our training facilities. This allows you to have your employees trained to improve the skills they already have or to learn new skills that you believe are necessary to obtain your vision of success.

Adjustable Mindset

Owners with the Adjustable Mindset have a similar vision for their companies as owners with the Efficiency Mindset. The one key difference is that these owners want to be able to temporarily increase their current workforce when they are handed work so that they can perform the work without jeopardizing their ability to meet their other customers’ needs. Fundamentally, these owners want to avoid the risk of losing their current customer to a competitor that can meet all of the customer’s needs.

SMART 33 has a diverse workforce that can ensure contractors with the Adjustable Mindset have the support services needed to meet their definition of success. Since our partner contractors are able to take advantage of a flexible workforce, our internal labor pool is constantly in a state of flux. SMART trained workers will take on short term employment. Indeed, SMART trained workers view this as part of the interview process for more permanent employment. Contractors with the Adjustable Mindset are able to benefit from the support services we offer to contractors with the Efficiency Mindset, while also being able to use our pool of SMART trained workers temporarily increase their workforce.

Growth Mindset

Sustainable growth for a company is dependent on a company’s access to skilled employees. However, there are financial risks associated with having a fixed work force. Our partner contractors with a Growth Mindset are focused on growing their business on a permanent basis. They are able to determine their own growth rate because they have access to SMART trained employees. There is a direct correlation between a company’s ability to grow, and the skill sets of its employees. If you want employees with the right skills, in the right number, and at the right time—the very essence of what it takes to grow in the industry—we can provide those highly trained employees who provide quality and value to your business operation. This provides you with the ability to expand your workforce at will, without worrying about the quality of your product; you will not have to sacrifice quality for quantity. When you partner with SMART 33, your company’s growth is no longer limited by the skills of your employees, it is only limited by your desire to take on more work.

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