SMART 33 has spent over 125 years developing relationships within the communities we serve. The construction industry is relationship driven. Our constituents are companies and individuals in every aspect of construction, including:

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • General Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Government Entities
  • Employees
  • Community Groups

Our partner contractors enjoy access to these relationships, and more, to assist in achieving the success they desire.

Industry Professionals

The relationships we have developed with industry professionals—developers, architects, and engineers—provide opportunities for our partner contractors to grow into other profitable markets beyond their core businesses if they desire. These professionals understand the higher long term value associated with contractors who do have the 3 Rights to Manpower. Contractors who do not staff projects appropriately cause costly delays for these professionals. Contractors that don’t perform the work according to industry standards cause unnecessary long-term repair and maintenance expenses. The industry professionals who choose to work with our contractors do so because it positively impacts their bottom-line.

Do what you do best… and utilize SMART 33’s relationships for the rest!

  • “We have designed numerous projects that have used SMART 33 trained employees. We have found their member to be highly trained professionals who consistently deliver on time and under budget.”

    Ernie Dellatorre – McKinley & Associates
  • “JD&E has worked with several mechanical and roofing contractors utilizing a skilled labor workforce consisting of journeyman and apprentice members of SMART 33.We have been very satisfied with all of the work, and are particularly impressed with the SMART 33 apprentices and apprentice training program. We would not hesitate to recommend any contractor who is signatory and hires SMART 33 trained employees.”

    K. T. Carfagna – JARVIS, DOWNING & EMCH, INC.

General Contractors & Construction Managers

We work diligently to develop relationships with all GC’s (general contractors) and construction managers. One common misperception about building trade unions is that general contractors only use union workers because they have to. That is simply not true. In fact, we have relationships with non-union GC’s that regularly use our partner contractors. Non-union GC’s use our partner contractors for the same reason union GC’s do: our partner contractors supply a quality product on time.


One of the most important aspects we help with is the relationship between an employer and their employees. Key employees are hard to find, hard to keep and even harder to replace. Especially when 65% of contractors are experiencing attrition in their ranks. To use a sports analogy, when you get star players on your starting lineup, the last thing you want is for one of those players to leave you for another team. The reality is that everyday employees jump ship and leave the companies they work for to join another company that is willing to pay them more money, provide them with better benefits for their family, or both. Our partner contractors don’t have to worry about this because we offer them the ability to provide one of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry in each market which they perform work.

By partnering with SMART 33, our partner contractors are able to keep their employees happy. Happy employees work hard to help you accomplish your vision for your company and meet your definition of success. SMART trained employees receive retirement, training and premium healthcare—for less than what is available in the open market—for the individual and their families. Because of the expanse of SMART 33’s buying power each of our partner contractors offer the same pay and benefits to their employees. Compensation is never a factor in an employee’s decision to leave a company.

Community Groups

SMART 33 is involved in the communities in which our partner contractors live, work and play. We provide financial support to our troops overseas, wounded warriors, underprivileged children, disease research, prevention, and treatment, educational programs—including scholarships—local fire departments, families in need, and many more.

Non-Industry Professionals

We recognize that our partner contractors need professionals for services that are not specific to the construction industry. We have relationships with professionals who can help your business achieve your definition of success in ways which SMART 33 is not able to help. For instance, we have relationships with accountants who specialize in the construction marketplace, payroll services, business consultants and more. We have built these relationships because we believe that some contractors need help in areas that are outside of our areas of expertise. We know the stronger your community relationships are, then the better your company operates and the more profitable your company is. All of these things combined serve to strengthen the success of our partnerships.

We have been at work developing relationships with the people who can positively impact your business for well over a century. We want you to take advantage of our work.

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