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SMART 33 is today’s union. We work with our partner contractors to provide solutions to obstacles to their success. While the solutions we provide to each contractor are unique, each come from a combination of the advantages contractors have by partnering with SMART 33. Some of these advantages are:

Flexible Workforce

Your company’s ability to increase its revenue—and profits—is dependent on the company’s ability to have easy access to more qualified employees. A flexible workforce gives you the capability of bidding every project that suits your business model. Flexibility gives you the power to operate your business in a way that will meet your definition of success.

There are three primary methods a company in this industry can use to build a flexible workforce:

  • Hire more employees
  • Use a temporary service
  • Or partner with SMART 33

Partnering with SMART 33 provides you with direct cost savings and the freedom to use your time and investments more productively.

  • "Coming from an equipment supplier background to a Contracting business... the product is no longer boxes, I’m now selling skilled labor instead. It made sense to become a signatory contractor to have access to a pool of highlyskilled labor. SMART 33’s training center is absolutely the best in the area. The handling of the HR by SMART 33 is a distinct benefit. It makes adding employees easier. They are also a great resource in alerting contractors to upcom-ing projects. We started as a small company in the basement of our home, to now occupying a building over 25,000 square feet. This demonstrates that partnering with SMART 33 was a good choice for the growth of our company.”

    Fran Lanciaux – Commercial Comfort Systems, Inc.

Hiring more employees takes time that could be spent more productively and puts you at risk of hiring the wrong employees. Hiring the wrong employee can mean that the employee oversold their skills or their work ethic, it can also include having a personality conflict with your current team. Having to rehire and train new employees can impact sensitive deadlines and customer satisfaction. Simply hiring more employees does not provide you with a flexible workforce, it just increases headcount.

Using a temporary service is a big risk. The construction industry currently has a skilled manpower shortage. Over 65% of contractors reported needing more skilled employees. Employees with the skills to work in the industry are already working in the industry. Most of those working at a temporary service are there because they have a poor work ethic and/or lack experience. Temporary services charge a premium for the employee, unlike a trained and experienced employee from SMART 33. You need the advantage of having a skilled, efficient, and experienced workforce to make and keep your business successful.

Partnering with SMART 33 gives you access to over 3,000 members who are experienced and trained in your industry. When you need more manpower, you simply call the district office and request more. This provides you with the ability to adjust your workforce based on your current needs. Partnering with SMART 33 gives you access to a pool of skilled, efficient, and experienced employees that you can expand and contract at will. You have the dependability and flexibility you need to succeed!For more information about building a flexible workforce, please see the insert in this foldout.

“Time is money.”—Benjamin Franklin

SMART 33 partner contractors enjoy the benefits of saving time and money with:

  • Health insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Training
  • Employee retention

Our team of experts, represented by industry contractors and SMART 33, have the buying power to negotiate the best health care coverages at the best price for our partner contractors and their employees. This also applies to retirement investments, administrative fees, and training expenses. Our experts are negotiating on behalf of a large pool of businesses and individuals, passing on tremendous savings to our partners.

We also help you reduce costs when hiring new employees for your team. SMART 33 handles:

  • All pre-employment background screening
  • Drug testing and
  • Training to ensure the best employees

You can be confident that the employees you receive from SMART 33have the training, expertise, dependability and experience necessary to allow your company to succeed.

Training Centers

SMART 33 provides an extensive network of training centers in Northern Ohio and most of West Virginia. Our state-of-the-art training centers are located in Massilon, Parma, Rossford and Youngstown, Ohio and a center in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

These training centers hire instructors with multiple disciplines to ensure your employees are trained by experts in their fields. Each SMART 33 training center verifies that each individual accepted into the training programs has the mechanical aptitude and skills necessary to become an advanced Building Trades Journeyman for commercial and industrial work. SMART 33 trains tomorrow’s industry leaders today.

We provide:

Skills Training — focusing on the skills necessary to accomplish specific tasks, such as; project layout, HVAC installation, fabrication, duct sizing, plasma cutting, foreman training and more. These courses make employees more efficient, which provides an immediate impact on the success of your company.

Safety Training — training that focuses on teaching employees to work safely and follow OSHA guidelines, such as OSHA 10, 30, and Competent Person cards. Safe working conditions protects your bottom line by lowering worker compensation injuries and loss time due to injuries. In addition, a growing number of hospitals require employees to be certified in Infection Control Risk Assessment.

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