Eli Baccus - Director of Partnership Development

Eli-BaccusEli took the job as the Director of Partnership Development because he believes contractors and unions are stronger when they work together. At SMART 33 we focus on explaining the financial benefits of partnering with SMART33 to non-union contractors. It is our job to educate decision-makers about the side of the union that the media does not portray. Eli knows that when contractors take advantage of the highly trained and experienced labor pool, made up of SMART 33 members, their business can become as successful as they desire it.

Most of Eli’s construction experience is in the residential industry. His father owns a residential roofing company and he spent many years doing that back-breaking work. Eli has also done drywall and kitchen remodeling. When Eli was 18, he joined the U.S. Army, and went to college afterwards. Prior to joining SMART 33, he spent five year working in a law firm that worked with building trades unions.

Eli, and his beautiful wife of 13 years, live in the Old West End, a historic neighborhood, of Toledo. They have two children, a 11 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. The family is heavily involved in competitive swimming. Eli’s wife coaches, both kids swim, and he  is a swim official. Eli enjoys reading, gardening, working around the house, watching the Red Sox, and playing softball.

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Shane Vermilye - Partnership Development Representative

Shane is a third generation sheet metal worker and has been in the sheet metal industry since 1998. He joined the apprenticeship program on July 16, 1999, and graduated in 2004. His family has an extensive background in the industry; exposing him to all facets of the trade. Shane feels this gives him a unique perspective on multiple aspects of the trade. His family members have run work, been in the office, and worked every niche of the sheet metal industry. Shane says “Vermilyes have been witness to almost every great advancement in automation and new technology. I feel this gives me a deep understanding for the ever changing landscape of the construction world.”

Shane joined the Partnership Development Department in 2007. He wanted to work for SMART 33 because SMART 33 partner contractors have been supporting his family for over 60 years. He believes every contractor, large or small, can have great success with the help of SMART33. His goal is to find the next generations of great contractors to partner with—for future generations of sheet metal workers. Shane believes that together SMART 33 and its partner contractors can improve the communities within which we work.

Shane has been married for 15 years and has five children. When he is not at work, his kids keep him very busy. He coaches youth lacrosse, youth football and takes his sons to numerous wrestling tournaments throughout the year. He also enjoys reading and playing guitar.

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Steve Hancock - Partnership Development Representative

Steve-HancockSteve became interested in taking an active role in SMART 33 when he first started as an apprentice in the union. The older members talked to him about giving back to the organization and making a difference in the members’ collective futures. He became determined to make a difference in SMART 33 and to set an example for the younger members. Over the period of a few years, he learned that SMART 33 must work with contractors and help them be successful and profitable, because it puts members to work. Steve says “Helping contractors is a Win-Win for everybody. In this day and age partnerships are the backbone of our industry.”

In 2005, after spending 12 years as an automotive/diesel/small engine mechanic, he became a sheet metal apprentice for SMART 33. He worked for the HE Neumann Company until 2008 when he was offered a paid internship with SMART 33. Upon the completion of his internship, he went to work for George V. Hamilton and became a shop steward as an apprentice. Also during that time, he was appointed to SMART 33’s Executive Board—the first time an apprentice had ever received such an honor. He remained in both capacities until 2012. From 2012 to present he has worked in the Partnership Development Department for SMART 33, helping contractors better serve their employees and grow their businesses.

Steve has been married to his wife, Jamie, for 15 years and they have two beautiful daughters. His outside interests are coaching softball, motorcycles and yard work. He has been a member of several civic and social organizations in his hometown, and enjoys volunteering to help others.

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Tony Belluardo - Partnership Development Representative

Tony-Belluardo_4561_Edit-HRTony Belluardo is a second-generation sheet metal worker, third-generation union member, and a licensed contractor in the State of Ohio (HVAC, Hydronics, Refrigeration, and Plumbing—OH LIC #47931). He began his career with SMART 33 in 2001, working as a field installer and shop fabricator. After working for five years in the field, he began an estimating & AutoCAD drafting position at a large mechanical contractor. He received training and is familiar with numerous software programs including, AutoCAD MEP, Navisworks Manage, Revit, Trimble AutoBid Sheetmetal / Mechanical, Fastduct, Quotesoft, Benchmark, GTP Hanger Utilities for Fabrication CADmep, Sokkia Total Station and Drawtech.

In 2009, Tony became more involved with administration of SMART 33 when he was elected to be a financial trustee. In 2015, he pursued his passion for teaching and became an instructor for AutoCAD at the training center in Parma, Ohio. In 2017, he became a Partnership Development Representative with SMART 33. He took this position because he truly believes in the benefits and resources that SMART 33 can provide to new and growing businesses in the sheet metal industry.

Tony is very family oriented as he comes from a large family with many siblings. He enjoys spending time with family and friends at his home in Aurora, Ohio. He is an avid boater and always looks forward to the summer months out on the lake. Tony always wants to expand his knowledge and faith in God, and has a strong desire to help others in any way he can. From helping a stranger load something into their car to helping SMART 33 contractors achieve their visions and goals, Tony is motivated in his career and in his personal life.

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Andy Wray - Partnership Development Representative

IMG_0658Andy has been actively involved in SMART 33 since he became an apprentice in 2007. Andy’s brother-in-law, also a SMART 33 member, explained to him that SMART members continue to work when they help SMART partner contractors remain profitable. Andy has worked hard towards building the membership and partnerships throughout his career with SMART 33. Andy understands the partnership between SMART 33 and its partner contractors is extremely valuable.

In 2007 after working in a job with little room for advancement and after talking to his brother-in-law, Andy became a SMART 33 apprentice. During Andy’s apprenticeship, he was actively involved in various SMART 33 functions, and was an active member of his home district’s Recreation Fund and building fund committee. After graduating the apprenticeship program, Andy became an Executive Board member for SMART 33 which he held for three years. In January 2019, Andy joined the SMART 33 Partnership Development Department to help better the SMART 33 membership and partner contractors.

Andy is engaged to his fiancée Katie, and they have two kids, an 11 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. His outside interests include watching college football, spending time with family, and traveling.

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